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A Place for Worship, Meditation, & Learning for Vairocana Sakka Buddhists

Avatamsaka Buddhist Temple

Buddhism & Meditation

Avatamsaka Buddhist Temple is your destination to find peace and solace through the traditional practices of meditation. We are a new place of worship in Troy, Michigan, and encourage growth, learning, and finding oneself. Our Vairocana Sakka Buddhism beliefs and teachings amplify the
tranquility one is ensured here.

What We Do

At Avatamsaka Temple, we thrive in our commitment to worship, meditation, and learning. Our dedication to mindful breathing, religious beliefs, spiritual approach, and environmental awareness helps us imbibe positive energies. Our practices center around Vairocana Sakka Buddhism. Explore the site for more information.

Avatamsaka Buddhist Temple
Avatamsaka Buddhist Temple

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We are a place to find mindfulness and spirituality through meditation and learning. We preach the wisdom of Vairocana Sakka Buddhism to heal ourselves. Learn more about Vairocana Buddhism and contact us for more information.